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"As the former owner of Strip Clubs globally I have a large network with girls in the industry and this gave me the opportunity to use a database that may have been wasted. This isn’t solely about the money but wanting to help some of the girls that still don't have a clue how to make money and be successful as a dancer. From a business perspective this has potential to not only be profitable side revenue as it has for me, but also for current club owners by improving the talent and credibility of your dancers within your establishment."

James Eftekhari
Owner of Senoritas Gentlemans Club Nottingham and Worldwide Business Professional

"In just one month I have earned more with Lexi Ladies Ambassador program than I have in my day job. I joined just because I knew a friend that needed Lexi’s help with dancing and I wanted to make the £50 off introducing her. Then the craziest thing happened. She told girls how much it helped her and these girls then asked me to introduce them too. Word spread so fast and before I knew it I had made £268 in less than 2 weeks. Its really easy, when the clubs are quiet, I just talk to the girls in the changing rooms about the tips I learnt from it and then give them my link and if they sign up I get paid straight into my paypal."

Lexi Ladies Affiliate Partner & Exotic Entertainer

"I’ve known the beautiful Lexi for a number of years now and she is one talented lady!!! Not only is she highly motivated but she has something in her that motivates and inspires others. After working along side her for years in the industry we both branched off to do our own thing and my success is partly owed to her pushing me to strive for bigger and better!! Always dream big!! So I went away to set up and Lexi created The PSS, I instantly want us to join forces as Lexi has some much positive energy I knew this would be big for her… and I wanted a piece, I joined as an Ambassador, I mean why the hell wouldn’t i?? I was telling all my stripper friends about it anyway hell I was even telling my “normal” friends so I may as well get something from it!! Anyway not only has this push up the traffic to my site and rewarded me with new hottie team mate but I now have a side income from the Ambassador programme this is what pays for my Louboutins ;)"

Former Exotic Dancer & Business Owner