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Who is Lexi?

Lexi Lou is widely recognized as a leading world authority on effective personal transformation in the Stripping industry through her creation The Professional Stripper System. Her ability to understand people at a profoundly deep level and identify both hidden and unconscious patterns of behavior have made her and her students top earners in gentlemen's clubs worldwide.

After finding tremendous success as an exotic dancer for ten years, having worked all over the world in the best clubs, all the while studying the most successful girls everywhere she went, Lexi created this course to give back.

• Do you have what it takes to be a Stripper? 

• What really happens in a Strip Club? 

• Do you have to do anything naughty?

• How much do Strippers really earn?

• Do you need to be a pole dancing pro?

• How do you keep Stripping a secret?

• How to choose a club 

• How to contact the club

• What happens at the audition?

Whatever your reason for thinking about becoming a Stripper, rest assured, there have been many before you that got started because of the same reasons - so don’t be ashamed!

As a 10 year veteran of the strip club industry who’s danced around the world in the hottest clubs, I’d like to help you make an informed decision, and that’s why I’ve created this video. In it, I answer the top questions girls have when it comes to stripping.

"Lexi Helped Me Transform My Life. I am living proof that anyone can follow this system. Thank you Lexi!"

Retired Exotic Dancer

"There is no better mentor, trainer or diamond beauty on the planet to learn from. So, if you are lucky enough to train with her, be prepared as your life will never be the same"

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

"If I could only learn this industry from one person it would be ‘Lexi’. She knows business. She knows sales. She knows seduction. And she knows what men want."

Owner of Flirtz Gentlemans Clubs

"If you want to master this industry – Lexi is the girl who can show you how."

Owner of Senoritas Gentlemans Club Nottingham

"Having the attitude I had as in “I know it all” was totally thrown out the window, there was so much more!"

Bella Rose
Exotic Dancer & Owner of SecretsXXX

"I wish this had been around when I first started stripping"

Exotic Dancer & Singer

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