So You're Thinking Of Becoming A Stripper...

Watch these three videos and find out if you have what it takes to be successful as an exotic dancer.


As a ten year veteran of the strip club industry who’s danced around the world in the hottest clubs, I’d like to help you make an informed decision.

I remember being right where you are. Contemplating making a few bucks stripping. Little did I know that I would absolutely love stripping, and have such wild success in the business.
Women decide to become exotic dancers for all sorts of reasons. Some are single mums. Some are students paying their own way through university (how empowering is that?). Some do it because they love the art of seduction and making men drool and fawn over them (it’s a feeling of immense sexual power I can tell you ;-). And, some girls do it purely for the unbelievable money to be made!
Whatever your reason for thinking about becoming a stripper, rest assured, there have been many before you that got started because of the same reasons - so don’t be ashamed!
I’d like to help you make an informed decision, and that’s why I’ve created this three video mini-course.
In it, I answer the top questions girls have when it comes to stripping:
What if I don’t want my family or friends to know I strip and how do I keep it a secret?
How much money can I make stripping?
What really happens in the strip club?
Do I have to do ‘naughty’ extras to make real money?
What if I can’t twerk, or dance on the pole?
How should I go about getting an audition?
All these questions and more are answered in this three part video series, after which, I’ll present you with an incredible offer for my revolutionary ‘Fast Start’ video training series (more on that later) if you decide stripping is for you!

"I made £2500 on my first night as a Stripper"

Bella Rose
Exotic Dancer & Graduate of the Professional Stripper System

"If I could only learn this industry from one person it would be ‘Lexi’. She knows business. She knows sales. She knows seduction. And she knows what men want."

Amanda Jane Cropper
Experienced Exotic Dancer and Owner of ‘Flirtz’ Gentleman’s Club.

"I started dancing because I was a single mum. I have no regrets, I loved it!"

Amazing mum and Ex Stripper