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Taking new applications: Yes.
Thank you for your interest in my personal coaching. Please take a few minutes to tell me more about yourself. This application helps me understand your goals and reasons for wanting to be part of the Stripper-preneur coaching program.
Please be honest and transparent in your replies so I know how to help. Your application is CONFIDENTIAL and will be seen only by myself.


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After completing the application, a fee of $50 will be required to book the 15 minute interview with Lexi to assess final suitability. The Application Fee ensures you are serious and that Lexi’s time is spent with committed clients. If you are accepted and agree to proceed, the $50 fee is credited to the cost of membership. If you are not accepted, then the $50 will be refunded.

  • The coaching will consist of a weekly call with Lexi.
  • Calls will be held on weekdays at a time that suits both Lexi and the candidate.
  • The program will continue for 12 weeks as this will allow us to make progress together on your business.
  • The fee for this service is $1800 which must be paid before commencement of the 12 week program
  • If you wish to cancel at any point during the program the remaining fee on account will be donated to a charity of Lexi’s choice and your name credited.
  • If you are to not show up for any of the calls booked without giving 24 hours prior notice this call will be spent.

If accepted into The Stripper-preneur Coaching Program, you may also receive all Lexi Ladies Academy online courses worth $500 complimentary.


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