Ready To Become The Next Millionaire Stripper?

Are you frustrated that other girls are making more than you each and every night?

After finding tremendous success as an exotic dancer for ten years, having worked all over the world in the best clubs, all the while studying the most successful girls everywhere I went, I created this course to give back. I want you to have the success that I’ve had, without going through the trial and error process along the way.

My Professional Stripper System is literally your shortcut to living the life you’ve always dreamed of. Everything you need to become a rich and successful stripper is contained within this comprehensive video training course.

The Professional Stripper System

This is it. The definitive educational course for Exotic Dancers.



What's in The Professional Stripper System?

Over 50 information packed videos that I personally guarantee will take you from broke, to rich and successful if you follow the advice contained within - or your money back, no questions asked.

Learn everything you need to know to sell better than the Wolf of Wall street.

Video 1: How To Sell A Dance - Part 1
Video 2: How To Sell A Dance - Part 2
Video 3: Buying Signals
Video 4: Going In For The Kill
Video 5: Overcoming Objections
Video 6: What's Left To Sell
Video 7: Pole Trance
Video 8: Couples Dancing
Video 9: Selling To A Stag/Buck Group


Learn who is the customer that has cash to splash in the vip, how to sell a vip/ champagne room from the first conversation, what the experts do in the vip, how to keep him spending all night and not get bored and of course how to keep upselling more time so easy it's like taking candy from a baby… hmm well actually maybe even easier and with less bad karma lol.

Video 10: How To Spot A VIP Customer
Video 11: Selling A VIP From The Floor
Video 12: How To Sell A VIP After A Single Dance
Video 13: What To Do When You Get In The VIP
Video 14: How To Sell More VIP Time
Video 15: How To Keep Him Engaged In The VIP

Learn to save time and effort by understanding who is a potential regular, how to make him yours, keep him for as long as you want besotted with you and then last but not least. How to get him to buy you gifts and fund your lifestyle.

Video 16: How To Get Regulars
Video 17: How To Keep Regulars
Video 18: How To Get Regulars To Buy You Gifts

Learn the skills that Derren Brown uses to influence or should I say manipulate your customer into doing anything you want and give you everything you want.

Video 19: Liking
Video 20: Reciprocity
Video 21: Contrast
Video 22: Social Proof
Video 23: VAK

Learn effective tax strategies from the experts around the world so you are legit but don't lose out on money. How to buy your own home and get a mortgage as a dancer, invest your money so you can start creating your financial freedom and how to manage your earnings like a business so you always have a backup cash flow, can buy what you want, live how you want but still invest and grow you future goals and aspirations so you can retire young, rich and happy.

Video 24: Tax UK
Video 25: Tax in US
Video 26: Mortgage & Property Investment in UK
Video 27: Property Investment in US
Video 28: Saving For The Goal

To master anything in life you must first master yourself. You will learn how to overcome rejection, play  into your personality so you win every time, overcome fear and excuses so nothing can stop you making money every night  in the club.

Video 29: Overcoming Rejection
Video 30: Focus
Video 31: There's No Money In Here
Video 32: Afraid To Approach The Table
Video 33: Who Are You?
Video 34: Multiple Personality Disorder
Video 35: I Should Be Making More

Here is a collection of videos that dancers have requested and honestly I just didn't know where they fit but they are so powerful and beneficial to your success they had to be included. From traveling abroad to work, to dealing with touching customers and bullying from other dancers through to example opening lines and filler conversation to ensure you make every sale and so much more.

Video 36: Travelling overseas For Work
Video 37: How To Work Different Types Of Clubs
Video 38: Bullying From Dancers
Video 39: Working With The Team
Video 40 : Dealing With Touchy Customers
Video 41: Another Girl's With My Customer
Video 42: Conversation Openers & Fillers
Video 43: World Savvy
Video 44: Remembering Names

Also included:


The Fast Start System. The Fast Start is for brand new dancers, and is designed to ensure you get the best possible start in the industry. Invest in yourself, and set yourself up to win with this introduction course.

PLUS, you’ll get access to our Lexi Ladies exclusive community, where you’ll be able to connect with others who have taken or graduated the course!

Who is Lexi?

Lexi Lou is widely recognized as a leading world authority on effective personal transformation in the Stripping industry through her creation The Professional Stripper System. Her ability to understand people at a profoundly deep level and identify both hidden and unconscious patterns of behavior have made her and her students top earners in gentlemen's clubs worldwide.

After finding tremendous success as an exotic dancer for ten years, having worked all over the world in the best clubs, all the while studying the most successful girls everywhere she went, Lexi created this course to give back and her newest project is working with experts of the adult entertainment industry to create and promote online courses for each and every sector to help all of our sex work sisters achieve the success they deserve.

As a result of this Lexi grew her reach and reputation worldwide and decided to utilise her platform in a way that could help more women in the adult entertainment industry. So she chose to give experts in their field a leg up onto her platform and create courses together that expand Lexi Ladies Academy to not only be a source for Exotic Dancers but everyone within the adult sector. This also helped many others share their gifts and create there own lucrative business in online education as she did making many people residual wealth.

Who is this for?

Whether you’ve been in the stripping game for a while and you’re not making the money that you should be making, or you’re a brand new dancer looking to go ‘all in’ and get what many club owners consider to be the ‘MBA of Stripping,’ you’re in the right place. This is the educational course that will take you from broke bitch, to rich!

Everything you'll ever need, to be a rich and successful Stripper. From new girl to top earner – this fully comprehensive online course will guide you through your journey to financial success.

The Professional Stripper System

This is it. The definitive educational course for Exotic Dancers.



"Lexi Helped Me Transform My Life. I am living proof that anyone can follow this system. Thank you Lexi!"

Retired Exotic Dancer

"There is no better mentor, trainer or diamond beauty on the planet to learn from. So, if you are lucky enough to train with her, be prepared as your life will never be the same"

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

"If I could only learn this industry from one person it would be ‘Lexi’. She knows business. She knows sales. She knows seduction. And she knows what men want."

Owner of Flirtz Gentlemans Clubs

"If you want to master this industry – Lexi is the girl who can show you how."

Owner of Senoritas Gentlemans Club Nottingham

"Having the attitude I had as in “I know it all” was totally thrown out the window, there was so much more!"

Bella Rose
Bella Rose
Exotic Dancer & Owner of SecretsXXX

"I wish this had been around when I first started stripping"

Exotic Dancer & Singer

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