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Introducing The Professional Stripper System

This is it. The definitive educational course for Exotic Dancers.


After finding tremendous success as an exotic dancer for ten years, having worked all over the world in the best clubs, all the while studying the most successful girls everywhere I went, I created this course to give back.

I want you to have the success that I’ve had, without going through the trial and error process along the way. My Professional Stripper System is literally your shortcut to living the life you’ve always dreamed of. Everything you need to become a rich and successful stripper is contained within this comprehensive video training course.

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What's in The Professional Stripper System?

Seven complete training modules containing more than 50 information packed videos that I personally guarantee will take you from broke, to rich and successful if you follow the advice contained within - or your money back, no questions asked.

Module one lays the foundation for a solid start in this business. Even experienced dancers will gain valuable knowledge from this module, as I talk about things that most girls are never taught when they first start out stripping.

Discovering Your Why

Have you ever thought about the real reasons you decided to become a stripper? So many of us step into this industry without understanding our deeper motives. Knowing your real intentions behind dancing will keep you grounded, and more able to survive through the good, bad, and even the ugly. This video teaches you how to uncover your deeper reasons for dancing, and shows you how to push through and keep going, even during those rough days when you feel you can’t go on.

Choosing Your Stage Name

In this video, we discuss choosing your stage name, and the three names you’ll need to adopt, to be successful as a stripper:

  1. Your real name
  2. Your stage name and
  3. Your “real” fake name

You’ll also learn the reasons you’ll need three names and what each is used for. I’ll also help you create your stage name using fun games.

 Creating Your Support Network

You’ll learn the power of networking, working with friends and how we should look at each other as sisters, rather than as competition. I’ll teach you the benefits of connecting with other like-minded dancers through the exclusive Lexi Ladies Community, and our private Facebook group.

Finding the Right Club for You

You’ll learn about the various types of clubs, which ones suit your specific needs, and exactly how to understand and play into the unique environment of each club.


Learn how to give the most powerful auditions to ensure your best chances for success. I’ll provide an example of my first audition, what went wrong, what went right, and give step by step instructions, so you’ll be fully prepared for all your auditions.

When we develop the right mindset, everything else naturally falls into place. In this module we spend time working on you and the patterns of your mind. This module will teach you to develop a more positive mindset and use the Law of Attraction, as everything in the outer world is manifested by our beliefs and thoughts.

Embracing Uncertainty

The legendary behavioural expert, Peter Sage, shares his incredible experiences with skydiving, and how it taught him to embrace uncertainty and to let go of fear and doubt. I’ll explain how this relates to all situations, including dancing.

Pyramid of Power

I teach a well-known personal development technique that enables you to feel confident and empowered. This powerful method uses three simple steps, including physiology, self talk and focus. Once you’ve mastered this technique, no matter what a negative customer does or says, you’ll be able to quickly snap back into an empowered, positive and profitable mindset at the click of a finger.

Who Are You?

I speak about the power of identity, and how powerfully the words “I AM” can affect who you are and how you feel. I show you how to use the “I AM” framework as a powerful mantra, which you can use to empower and free yourself from limiting thoughts.

 Multiple Personality Disorder

Why have just one “I AM “statement and identity, when there are unlimited possibilities? This video goes into a deeper understanding of the power of identity, and how you can use your most endearing personality traits to increase profits and success.

Wealthy Mind

This video talks about the three key distinctions of a wealthy person’s mind. You’ll learn self worth versus net worth, how not to fight the current, and the answer to this important question: Does the size and shape of your butt really matter?

In this module, I talk about the business structure and financial side of the business, and how to have a financially independent future. And I share simple techniques to obtain the most powerful financial results from your dancing business.

Building Your Business, Not Working Your Job

Discover the difference between treating stripping like a job versus treating it like what it actually is - your own business. We talk about getting into the mindset of a business owner, and how that will help you reap larger financial benefits than thinking like an employee.

Setting up Your Business

Learn how being a legitimate company can benefit you, instead of constantly dodging the taxman. This video talks about the three main business entities, including what they are and how to choose the best structure to suit your needs. You’ll learn how to set up your business quickly and simply.

Managing Your Money

It’s not how much you earn, but what you do with your income that matters. I share how I manage my money by dividing it into seven categories, which helps achieve great wealth and financial freedom.

Determine Your Exit Plan

In this video, I talk about goal setting, and how knowing exactly what you want is the first step to reaching your goals. I’ll help you create a vision for your future, discover what you want to achieve in this industry and strategize on how to do so. You’ll learn to remain focused on your goal, which will keep you motivated to keep going until you succeed. And when you’re ready, you’ll be able to leave dancing in the past, and live the life of your dreams, doing something you're truly passionate about!

In this powerful module, I’ll give you a complete rundown of everything you need to understand to work at the highest level within your club.

What To Expect

This video talks about the business model of the strip club. I explain what happens at the club from start to finish during a typical work night, and the best methods for making money.


You’ll learn the importance of first impressions, and how to create a stripper persona that is sexual, sensual, and professional.


I share a scary personal experience I had while leaving a club one night after work, and give simple techniques and tips for staying safe.

Building Rapport

You’ll learn the importance of rapport while creating a sale, and how to use matching and mirroring techniques with customers to quickly build friendships, trust and even make people like you, even if they don't seem to like you to begin with.

Club Dynamics/Meeting the Team

You’ll learn all the different roles of people who work in the club, and how to strategically work with them, rather than against them, to increase your earnings.

The Art of Presence

Discover simple techniques to boost your confidence and self-esteem, raise your vibration, and allow others to immediately feel uplifted by your energy. Learn how to own every room you walk into.

Pole Trance

I talk about the power of reading the crowd and choosing the songs you’ll dance to accordingly to meet the expectations of your audience, and how to use powerful subliminal messaging through song lyrics to support your sale (remember, you are trying to get guys to buy dances from you and go to the VIP so you can make the big money, not just dance for tips on stage). In this video you’ll learn how to put a guy into a ‘pole trance,’ and immediately get a dance once you step off the stage.


In this video, I share examples of five of the most common distractions in the club, and how you can transform them with more beneficial activities to support your goals.

Getting down to business, this module focuses on sales strategies, and how to effectively get customers to spend massive amounts of money on you without wasting your time and energy on the wrong guys. Stripping is a business, and you are the product!

The Power to Influence

I talk about the hidden science behind reciprocity, including influence techniques developed by the powerful motivational teacher, Robert Caldini. You’ll learn how to use these unique methods to increase tips and close your sales.

Scout, Select and Hook

This video explains my revolutionary scout, select and hook technique; my method for spotting the guys that are interested in you even before you approach them, and without wasting precious time and energy on the wrong men.

Engage, Close and Upsell

This is the second part to the previous video. You’ll learn step-by-step my method for getting your customer into a dance. I’ll provide examples, along with a deeper explanation of the psychology behind this technique. Once you master it, your customers won’t stand a chance. You’ll discover what the buying signals are (meaning, you’ll know when a guy is hot and ready to spend), so you’ll know exactly when to close the sale. I’ll also provide specific examples of language you can use to upsell your customers, as well as examples of different closing techniques for different types of customers.

Couples Dancing

Many dancers avoid couples in the club. This can be a costly mistake. This video teaches you to understand how to approach, sell and dance for them.


I demystify the VIP in this video. You’ll learn what to do to attract the VIP, how to sell, and how to keep him engaged all night, using your body positions and conversation, less actual dancing than you think, and how to keep them spending.

Dealing With and Handling Rejection

In this video, you’ll learn how to stay on your game in the face of inevitable rejection (we all face rejection in the club, it’s just part of the game). You’ll understand what rejection really is, why it happens and how not to take it personally, so rather than feeling humiliated when walking back to your chair empty-handed, you’ll turn it into a learning experience for next time.

This module is for experienced strippers and it contains many of the most advanced and powerful techniques I’ve personally used to make massive stacks of cash.

The Stag

In this video, I talk about how to approach a stag group, and create stag shows that get you noticed. I’ll share advice on which people in the group to approach and in the correct order, and what to say to whom for optimal results leading to a massive payday.

Remembering Names

I cannot stress enough the importance of remembering names, and how this can impact the way customers react to you, their opinion of you, and ultimately, how much they spend on you. I’ll give you simple tips on how to improve your ability to remember names.

Spotting A Fiat From A Ferrari

I share how to spot the dead giveaways that differentiate guys with real money to burn from the ones who are flat broke or unwilling to spend. And those ‘signs’ are not what you might think! You’ll learn three easy examples that are simple to spot in the club, and what to do once you identify them. I’ll talk about meeting your audience at their wealth-o-meter, and why that's so important when positioning the cost of your dance.

World Savvy

In business, not all cultures interact in ways you may be used to. It is critical for your success to understand key cultural differences that can make a huge impact on your financial success in this game. I’ll talk about some of the biggest cultural differences to look out for so that you are prepared, and don’t come off looking rude or foolish. Remember, you’re an educated professional, and when you know and respect cultural differences, you will always come out on top.

Playing the Game

I’ll teach you different games you can play with your customers, which will not only help pass the time, but keep them engaged, entertained and enthralled with you, so they continue to spend money on you. 

What’s Left to Buy?

I share examples of different things I’ve ‘sold’ within the club besides dances, including my left breast, and the interesting reasons behind this, and how it can benefit you in various situations. 

Create Raving Fans and Regulars

Inspired by the book, Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard, I explain the difference between good customer service and raving fan customer service, and how you can create your own regular raving fan base that will travel the earth to see you, and pay any amount just for the honour of spending time with you.

I explain the importance of maintaining your health and energy so you can dance all night long without feeling worn out and exhausted by the end of the night.

Irresistible Truth

In this video, I talk about variety, and how being the best version of you is what keeps the industry going. 

Eating to Support Your Lifestyle

You’ll learn simple dietary advice to support the stripper lifestyle. Discover which foods provide the most energy and nutrition, and learn my ten edible tips to a healthy and energised diet.

Creating your ideal body

I discuss the three key areas to focus on as a professional stripper - butt, abs and endurance. You’ll learn how to easily become super fit without hitting the gym each day.

Sleep Hacking

The stripping life can be hectic and long shifts that last well into the wee hours often cause disruption in our sleep patterns. Learn effective methods for shutting down your mind after a crazy night so you can get quality sleep and recharge your mind, body and soul. I’ll provide details on simple bedtime routines and natural supplements to help reset your body clock. 

Also included in the course:

The Professional Stripper System workbook and accompanying downloadable resources.

An amazing interview covering how to be a stripper but still have a healthy and loving relationship at home with expert Peter Sage.

A signed certificate of graduation (upon completion) from the Lexi Ladies Academy, personally signed by me and recognised by many leading clubs around the world as the definitive MBA of stripping.

PLUS, you’ll get access to our Lexi Ladies exclusive community, where you’ll be able to connect with others who have taken or graduated the course!

Who is Lexi?

Lexi Lou is widely recognized as a leading world authority on effective personal transformation in the Stripping industry through her creation The Professional Stripper System. Her ability to understand people at a profoundly deep level and identify both hidden and unconscious patterns of behavior have made her and her students top earners in gentlemen's clubs worldwide.

After finding tremendous success as an exotic dancer for ten years, having worked all over the world in the best clubs, all the while studying the most successful girls everywhere she went, Lexi created this course to give back.

Who is this for?

Whether you’ve been in the stripping game for a while and you’re not making the money that you should be making, or you’re a brand new dancer looking to go ‘all in’ and get what many club owners consider to be the ‘MBA of Stripping,’ you’re in the right place. This is the educational course that will take you from broke bitch, to rich!

Everything you'll ever need, to be a rich and successful Stripper. From new girl to top earner – this fully comprehensive online course will guide you through your journey to financial success.

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"Having the attitude I had as in “I know it all” was totally thrown out the window, there was so much more!"

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"I wish this had been around when I first started stripping"

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