4 Major Reasons Why Stripping Empowers Women

Aug 09, 2018

Isn’t stripping a pure degradation? Does it count as pornography? Is it a shortcut to prostitution? Exotic dancers and strippers all over the world still have to deal with a number of misconceptions about their position in the adult entertainment industry. Yet – many of them swear the strip clubs are places where they feel comfortable, free and, moreover, empowered. So, how do the stage and pole help women become independent?

1. It helps women express their sexuality

Woman express their sexuality

Let’s face it – the world is still conservative to some degree, especially when it comes to the female body. Women are judged because of their body shape or clothing style and pressured to follow certain trends to meet the standards of what’s considered to be sexy. Well, strippers know that “sexy” comes in many shapes. It’s all about the acceptance of your own appearance and feeling free to bring that out on the stage.

2. Strippers and exotic dancers are in charge of their bodies

Exotic Dancer

Being naked in public totally defies the usual standards, which makes stripping even hotter. Just by stripping, the women in this industry are already doing something extraordinary going beyond social limits. This was always more than just physical independence – it reflects women’s freedom to be in charge of themselves rather than following anyone’s mandates. Also, stripping does not imply prostitution and it usually excludes even touching.

3. It can pay well


Strippers and exotic dancers are frequently able to afford much more than paid bills and a fridge full of groceries. It’s not all milk and honey among the poles, but women who choose their strip club carefully are usually more than satisfied with their salaries. For many, financial independence is already enough to get on the stage.

4. Strippers stick together

Four Women are Posing for a Picture

One would expect lots of vanity in this business (which happens as well) but strippers’ solidarity is much more worthy of mention. It isn’t uncommon that strippers join their forces to fight for a cause. Sometimes they fight the club’s nasty boss, while sometimes they fight for laws that will protect their rights better.

People’s lives are vastly determined by their job satisfaction, and, unsurprisingly, many women find stripping appealing for their career. And why wouldn’t they? Every night in a strip club is an opportunity to play with their fantasies, expand their imagination, enjoy themselves and earn their cash honorably.


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