Don’t Want To Be a Stripper Forever? Read This.

Sep 10, 2019

As a stripper, you can often bring home hundreds or thousands of dollars every night. But while the money is good, stripping isn’t what most people consider a dream career. It’s physically demanding, sometimes makes you work an “off schedule,” and comes with a lot of inaccurate stigmas and stereotypes. 

But that doesn’t mean stripping is a bad idea. In fact, many strippers become some of the best entrepreneurs I know. 

I promise I’m not crazy. 

After all, stripping is a better crash course into economics and how to run a business than some universities are! As a stripper, you quickly learn the basics of attracting business, retaining clients, and providing a service — all while getting paid to do so. 

So if you want to strip — but it’s not your lifelong dream — you’re not alone. Most strippers plan to leave stripping within a couple of years.

From there, they have all the tools necessary to pursue their dreams and found their own businesses. 

But here’s where a lot of strippers get stuck. 

Even though they have the tools to succeed…set up their dream business…make enough money to enjoy financial freedom…

They simply don’t know how. 

But I can teach you.

Through years of trial and error, learning and exploring, and failing over and over again, I learned how to put everything I learned as a stripper to work as an entrepreneur. 

I’m not going to lie — this process was a long, winding road. Sometimes it was painful. But now that I’ve mastered everything about turning my stripper knowledge into my dream businesses, I want to pass what I’ve learned on to you. 

You can avoid the same pitfalls I did. Instead, you can become a success even faster! 

My training can help you find an exit strategy. It offers a foolproof, step-by-step to go from stripping to making your business dreams come true. 

If you’re interested in figuring out your exit strategy — or how to turn what you learned as a stripper into valuable businesses — click here to find out more. 

I promise you won’t regret it.

Love, Lexi Lou

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