What to Do When Someone Steals the Spotlight

Aug 26, 2019

Stripping isn’t just about shaking your butt on stage. It actually relies on a lot of business acumen, intelligence, and learning how to read a situation. 

For that reason, it’s important to arm yourself with knowledge while you’re stripping. Doing so helps you up your game and outperform the girls who are there just for fun. 

One of the most important things to learn is what to do when another stripper steals your spotlight. 

Sometimes this is metaphorical. You’re doing amazingly, when suddenly someone just has to come and one up you on an opposite stage. 

Or sometimes it’s literal — someone’s literally stealing the spotlight you’re standing in. 

Regardless, here’s what to do when someone steals your spotlight (and thus, your earnings potential). 

Stay Calm 

Depending on what kind of rivalries you have at the club, the act of spotlight stealing could have been very intentional. Seeing you ruffled might be just what your spotlight-stealer wants. 

Don’t give them the satisfaction. You’ll want to show that you are more than mature — you’re so strong that you’re impervious to someone else stealing the spotlight from you. 

You Do You 

Don’t freeze up. Keep your act or dance going! It’s entirely possible that you will regain your audience’s attention as your act progressives, particularly if the one stealing the spotlight can’t keep up. 

Bring out the Big Guns 

Once it’s clear that you’re calm and not ruffled, and that you’re going to continue your act, it’s time to bring out the show stopping moves — the ones that always get wild whistles, applause, and attention. By performing better or pushing yourself, you can reclaim the spotlight and turn attention towards you. 

Don’t Sweat It 

No one stripper in a strip club can have the spotlight all the time. Even if it gets taken off of you for a couple hours — or even a single entire evening — it’s important to get out of your head. Understand that there will always be more clients to dance for and money to make. 

And Don’t Bring It Up 

You don’t want to go badmouthing the bartenders or dancers who stole your spark. Chances are most of the other workers at the strip club aren’t aware of it. It’s also a surefire way to start drama, lead to fights, and possibly end with you being ousted from your venue.

Instead, take the stolen spotlight with as much grace as you can muster — then get back into gear and go kick some ass. 

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