How to Tell if Stripping Isn’t For You

Sep 17, 2019

We’ve written a lot about what it takes to be a stripper, why you should become a stripper, and how to be the best stripper you can be. But what about the opposite? 

How can you tell if stripping is actually ideal for you, or if you should pursue something else entirely? 

While we can’t speak for everyone (there are plenty of strippers who meet these criteria and have gone on to be successful), here are a few red flags that mean you might want to look into being something else.

And don’t forget — even if stripping isn’t right for you, you can still become a bartender, waitress, or stewardess at the club as well! 

1) You don’t want to put in the time 

Do you constantly feel like you have no time? If you’re studying and want to go onto graduate school, do you struggle with your grades and tests? Do you have another full-time job that makes you really happy? 

Then stripping might not be ideal for you. Even though it’s often touted as a way to make some quick cash, the fact of the matter is that most strippers are successful when they’ve put in the time and effort to become good at stripping. 

2) You don’t want a “temporary” career 

Because of the nature of stripping, for many people, it’s something they do for a couple years at most before moving on to a more appropriate career. Some people don’t like the idea of investing a lot of time and emotion into a job, only to realize that it won’t be a career that sustains them for many years. 

If the thought of having to fall in love with a career and give it up in a few years makes you uncomfortable, you may want to steer clear of stripping. 

3) You’re not physically fit

NOTE: We don’t mean “You’re not 5’10” tall, tan, and have Kardashian hair and lips.” Strippers with all sorts of body types can be successful in the business, from the rail-thin to the curvalicious, and everything in between. 

However, stripping places a LOT of physical demands on the body. It’s not just all about dancing and having a good time. You’re expected to have a body that performs up to really high standards for hours on end. And sometimes, even if a person is in shape, their body just can’t handle it because of underlying health problems. 

If you find that you’re really, deeply struggling by the end of each set, no matter how in shape you are, stripping might not be for you. 

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