Do Tattoos Make Strippers More Money?

Jan 03, 2020

So I decided to do a little market research on the impact tattoos make on our earnings as a Exotic Dancer/ Stripper. And whilst I was at it hair too. I think i'm getting a little obsessed with wigs lol. Just love the whole idea of having the choice to create a different persona and image every night.


Here is what i found:

So bare in mind girls this research may be different depending on clubs and location and time of year etc the variables are endless and this wasn't a massive experiment lol. 

But one in which I did manage to notice some obvious indications that men like the whole stripper tattoo image. 

  1. Firstly, I noticed that a visible tattoo gave the guy an easier conversation starter to interact with you and ask about. 
  2. I also noticed that i made guys curious enough to approach you off their own back to come and ask what the tattoo was about and why you choose it in the first place. I guess they wanted it to represent some part of your personality or give a deeper insight into you. 
  3. I got a lot more compliments on my image however this could also have something to do with the red wig. Previously I had always found that I made less money with red hair however on this occasion it wasn't true. What i do find though is having some kind of image that is edgy and different to the other girls in your club is key. 

So not to bore you too much with this, all i did was buy a cheap sleeve tattoo transfer off Amazon and a red wig and gave it a go. 

And my earning increased from average £600 to over £800 on a fairly quiet night. It cost me less than £10 for the transfer so I would say that's an investment and good ROI (return on investment).

Of course this may have been my enthusiasm about the new image and doing the test itself however even if that is the case that still may be the same for you. 

I say give it a go mix it up a little. This isn't me saying go and cover your body in real tattoos but try a fake sleeve transfer for the fun of it and post your results below, im very curious to see if this works the same with other dancers. 

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