How to Avoid Stripper Injuries

Sep 02, 2019

Injuries suck! If an injury is bad enough, it can cause you to sit out a couple days, missing out on money and fun. If you’re injured for long enough, it can even cause a rift with previously-friendly customers. They might wonder where you’ve gotten to, or turn to other girls for comfort — both things we don’t really want happening. 

But while injuries might seem inevitable, and they probably happen to everyone eventually, there are a few ways to minimize them, so you can be out on the floor making money. 

Here are a few ways to avoid stripping-related injuries. 

1) Stretch! 

And we’re not talking about stretching just before work and that’s it! You need to stretch every single day at least twice, morning and night. 

Get a routine that covers all the major muscle groups you’ll be using, including arms, core, back, and legs. Stretching helps warm your muscles up so that they’re more limber and less likely to rip and tear while doing your thing. 

Not to mention, assuming you work out every day, stretches can help you build muscle faster and get leaner, while increasing blood-flow. 

And it prevents injury. Stretching is basically magic. 

2) Stay Sober 

While of course you want to have fun, don’t overdo it. Working a pole or lap dance while inebriated is dangerous. In addition to causing your inner klutz to come out, customers might take advantage of you or you might make stupid decisions.

You’ll also find that top earners tend to be the ones with their head “most in the game,” who have a clearer sense of direction. 

3) Go Easy on the Lotion 

How embarrassing is it to hop on the pole…then slowly slide off? Yeah, we thought so. Believe it or not, beginner strippers who lube up with too much baby oil can have a case of the “slidies.” 

To counteract this, many strippers use baby powder along their inner thighs and arms to avoid injuries like this. 

4) Listen to your body 

If you’re feeling sick, don’t ignore it. Same with pain. Stripping is a tough job, and it can wear you down.

Just make sure you’re taking time for yourself and to recover when you can — probably the part of avoiding injuries that most strippers forget about. 

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