4 Reasons Girls Don’t Become Strippers (And why they’re BS)

Jul 24, 2019

If you’ve thought about becoming a stripper, chances are you’ve had a lot of back
and forth with yourself, trying to decide if it really is the right path for you. If that
sounds like you, it’s possible that you might be hyping some of the negatives up
too much — when in fact you’re just holding yourself back.

Here are four reasons that girls stop themselves from being strippers — and miss
out on earning money and their own freedom.

1) I don’t look like a stripper
While there are many clubs who only feature the classic “stripper” (skinny, huge
fake breasts, either blonde or milky-tan, and perfect measurements), there are
clubs that cater to many tastes. If you have a unique body, tons of tattoos, or a
little extra padding, chances are you can be connected with a club where you can
make the most of it. You might even cultivate a list of clients who are looking for
something different.

2) The social stigma is too much
Stripping can be as big a part of your life as you want it to be. Many strippers
avoid the problem by telling white lies to their families and friends about stripping
and keeping their cash earnings on the down-low. Chances are, when you’re out
and about in your daily life, no one’s going to know you’re a stripper unless you
tell them. Plus, when you’re making way more money than them, living your best
life, and earning your freedom, what can they really say?

3) The clients are all creeps
Strip clubs are frequented by a wide variety of clients, from frat boys to
businessmen to doctors and PhDs. While there will probably be some creeps, if
you learn how to take control of your situation, there won’t be many. Your
clientele changes based on what city you’re in, too.

4) Strippers are all dumb / single moms / drug addicts
In fact, like their clients, strippers come from all walks of life. From the broke 19
year olds who want to escape their parents’ home, to aspiring art historians,
strippers of all education levels, backgrounds, and professional aspirations turn to
exotic dance to make money and find freedom.

Want to strip, but also want an exit strategy? Lexi Lou walks you through the
foundations of making a ton of money and bowing out gracefully when the time

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