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Feb 28, 2019

So today I went over to Anstey in Leicester to visit The SY Clinic and have Botox…

There has been so much hearsay and speculation about this antiwrinkle wonder treatment lately and I wanted to find out the truth and share my experience.

A few years back whilst I was living in Dubai, I had this treatment for the first time and shortly after I got chronic adult acne all around my 25th birthday. Can you imagine… I was living in this beautiful country which is predominantly based on appearance and reaches temperatures of 49 degrees. Notice how I say 49 never 50 degrees as that would legally mean people have to stop working and the royal family would not want that lol. Dubai is humid to say the least. No joke I would walk outside my villa and my sunglasses would steam up immediately as the aircon was so cold inside and the outside air so hot. Just the thought of even wearing make up in that heat would make me start sweating.

But yes at 25 living my best life and in my best shape yet…. I got chronic acne =0

I researched and tried everything to try and rid myself of this unfamiliar confidence prevention. Seriously girls as someone who never suffered with anything but the odd spot during that time of the month, this was heartbreaking and taught me sooo much about how much I relied on my appearance at that age.

I have sooo much empathy for those of your suffering with your skin. Try not to let it get you down but allow you the opportunity to find the other parts of you that you love and utilise them instead.

The whole thing about when you lose one of your senses, such as sight, another becomes heightened, such as hearing. Think of this as the same. Once I felt I couldn't get by soley on my looks, I started to use my intelligence more. And now I feel I can use both, it’s like having more than one super power hahaha ok maybe I’m getting a little carried away here.

Anyway less ramble more to the point …

So like a dog with a bone, doing my research into the cause, I found a few signs leading to Botox and much slander on the synergy between botox and acne. That was it, it must have been the botox. My mind was so craving an answer, I didn't care what the answer was, I just needed to have one.

At that moment I decided I was never to touch Botox again and just hope that I recovered and fast.

Well, that was then and clearly my mind changes rapidly. Especially when your not only getting older but also looking older. Who cares how old you are when you look like your 25 right?

Four years later… I was looking for a creadable practitioner in the UK for my lip filler. A good friend of mine who is very particular on where she goes for anything of this nature, recommended to me SY Clinic. So I made an appointment and went in for my free consultation. I sat on the chair and Ali (the practitioner) asked me what I was looking for and what he would recommend to best enhance the features of my face in a way that looked flawless, beautiful but still natural.

We spoke about many options.. And then came the topic of Botox. As soon as I heard the word BOTOX my body tensed up. No… no Botox, I think I'm allergic. He looked at me in shock and asked what makes you say that.

Bare in mind its four years later and I have only recently got rid of the acne and still battling with the scaring aftermath.

I explained the story and he explained how rare it was for botox to cause acne and why. However he respected my concerns and we moved on.

After the consultation my mind got thinking and I thought about the points Ali had made about the lack of connection between botox and my former acne.

I called him and said let's do this. I need to know if it was the Botox that caused it. As crazy as it sounds it was worth the risk to find out. He was reluctant as you can imagine but I was full steam ahead and when I get a bee in my bonnet it's hard to not follow my lead.

Anyway the verdict….. What happened????

Well I was astonished. The botox worked beautifully and guess what it actually helped to clear any sneaky spots trying to show there ugly face rather than cause them.

I was over the moon!

So now not only was I acne free. I had;

  • No frown lines
  • No crows feet
  • My makeup went on smoother
  • And most importantly I was preventing any deeper lines for later in life.

I may as well be getting younger. Hahaha…

I'm not saying that all botox is like this and maybe some brands react differently with different people so please bare that in mind. When considering Botox get the right advice and see a professional in their field.

Or you could just watch this video =) Yes girls I’m always thinking of you. I interviewed SY Clinic and filmed it. So you get all the right information in order to make the best choice for you.

P.S . I highly recommend SY Clinic they are friendly, professional and have given me the best aesthetic results to date.

Oh and I also manage to wingle a 10% off for any of my audience that quotes ‘Lexi Ladies” whoop whoop!!!

As I said always thinking of you ;)


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