Creating Your Financial Solar System

Mar 30, 2019

Well, it's been one hell of a trip and I am buzzing inside from the people I have met and also the lessons that I have learnt.

So, you know me... When I feel inspired the only option, is to jump on the mac and share my lessons with my girls. EEEEKKKKK!!!

The story begins in Austin Texas US. The hubby and I went over to visit friends ( well to be clear at this stage this amazing power duet were prospect friends ) and now holy crap this alliance of love are not only our treasured friends, but also our inspiration. Ms Kristina Wise, who grew up “ as she refers to” as trailer trash as did her new love Kirk Parsley, makes me adore them more.

But anywho, you know me I love the real people that went from nothing to everything but that's not the point to this message. The message is what I learnt from Kristina and that was how to manage your finance effectively.

Girls seriously when you hang around with the people I have, it begins to make sense that all you need is YOU!

This outstanding women built her empire without any man, parents, support or excuse to lean on. She did it by herself and for herself! And the truth be told …
So she showed me the magic and I am ready to share..

It's not about how much you make but what you do with that money that counts!

Sounds simple RIGHT?

So why aren't you rich yet?

Well, you see that money you make each night dancing… can you honestly tell me where each penny goes and why?

Probably not? Yes i'm presumptuous and I’m willing to give any girl that can answer me honestly £100 here and now???? Can you???

So as I was saying… whether your a top earner or only making 100 a night it doesn't matter. This principle still counts.

What do you do with that money?

The key to financial success is being strategic with every penny or dime or euro you make.

I am passionate about this topic as this is what lead me into creating Lexi Ladies Academy.

After living in Dubai for 3 years I came back to a club I worked in and found the same dancer that inspired and taught me, in the same shitty position of making money most nights but having NOTHING obtainable to show from ALL them years of sore feet and mental exhaustion.

However I somehow had built 7 businesses, some successful, and some epic fails but great lessons. Others creating me money as I slept, or partied ;) and others that inspired me to bounce out of bed every morning with passion about the day ahead.
Can you honestly tell me you have bounced out of bed, for the passion of going to work???

Or you make money whilst you sleep??

Well i'm about to change this! Here and now!

I will show you how to manage your money in a way that allows you to do what you want, I mean really want.

Make money as you sleep, and have no commitments or ties to any location or anyone.

I know business and I know money!

But the real question is do you? Or have you got the guts to admit if you don't? And the drive to want it enough for me to help you get it?

Because guess what… YOU CAN HAVE IT!

It's easy when you know how.

Watch this short video to explain my personal Solar system of income. I’m so honest with this, maybe too honest, because I want to help you create yours.

If your ready, so am I.

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