From Homeless To Stripper

May 26, 2016

Humans do many things for many different reasons. To one person this 'THING' could be normal, to another this could be outrageous but all the ‘things’ we do, all boil down to one thing ~ survival or self-preservation.

Our innate instinct pushes us to avoid pain or the fear of pain, physically or mentally, when confronted with a bad situation or feeling which emanates from the ‘fight or flight’ syndrome that’s hard-wired into our psychology.

This of course, is not confined to the human species. This is universal throughout the animal kingdom but we humans will do whatever it takes to survive, even if it means having to lose a few morals or values in the process.

So what are morals and values? Everyone has a right to their own opinions ~ so, what are opinions?

Morals and values are principally, a code of ethics or standards of behaviour that individuals and society considers to be correct or acceptable.

Where those limits are set, is very much governed by individual opinion and how society as a whole may view certain types of behaviour as being acceptable, offensive or just dubious.

So, where do these values come from?

Many of our principle morals and values are innate in us as human beings and stem directly from an innate instinct to survive and preserve our species on this planet, without which, human society as we know it, would quickly fall apart.

Differing opinions often conflict with each other in all walks of life, as to what is deemed as acceptable or unacceptable behaviour, as attitudes and trends continually change and adapt over the course of time.

Alarmingly, many strict moral limitations are passed down from one generation to the next and indoctrinated into infant minds as a diktat to be obeyed and constantly reinforced throughout their lives until adulthood. Once rational and free thought are denied, through a regime of repetitive instruction and blind obedience, opinions cease to have value and individualism is lost.

People who choose to lead interesting or different lifestyles from the ‘norm’ will always attract adverse opinion from some sector of society, especially if these lifestyles stray into areas that they believe may have a corrupting or degrading effect on young minds.

But why not just accept and appreciate that we are all different in one way or another and so long as, how we choose to behave does not cause harm to others, then why not just see activities such as exotic dancing, as nothing more than a creative, interesting or exciting art form.

Some may see dancing as a bad thing, whereas others may find it liberating.

Personally, I find it very liberating!

Well, that’s how I see it and as I have stated in so many words, we all have a right to express our own personal opinions. In doing so, I encourage you to look for beauty in the world and to tread gently on the earth.

Anyway, here’s my story ~

From homeless to Stripper!

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