How Much Do Strippers Make? Bella Reveals All

Dec 19, 2016

So, in this video I sit down with the fabulous Bella (one of our graduates of The Professional Stripper System) and allow her to share her story of getting into stripping.

We have a great gossip, a few giggles and cover a range of topics you want to hear… such as:

  • How much you can earn as a stripper?
  • How much you can make on your first weekend as a stripper?
  • Does you weight really matter as a stripper?
  • The challenges of being a single mum?
  • How she handled the stigma of stripping?
  • Can you have a husband/boyfriend even though you're a stripper?
  • Why Bella started stripping?
  • How stripping benefited her life?
  • What happened with Bella’s stripping audition?
  • What is Bella’s favourite video from the PSS?
  • What Bella does when she walks up to a customer in the strip club?
  • Bella’s BIGGEST stripper tip!

And so much more!

I love this inspiring women and I loved making this video. Thank you Bella =) x

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