It’s Important to Have Good Relationships with Your Fellow Strippers

Jul 17, 2019


And here’s why. 

Chances are, if you’re a stripper, you think of the world as “dog eat dog.” You’re competitive, you’re strong, and you don’t really like to play nice. 

But what if I told you that having good relationships with other strippers can actually help you be more successful? 

Having a good relationship doesn’t mean that you have to suck up to others or sacrifice any of your earnings to make them feel better. Instead, it’s more about cultivating a business acquaintanceship — one that can help you further along down the road. 

Here’s how. 

Every stripper has a story 

Depending on how new you are to stripping, befriending older more experienced strippers might be a good idea. If you get close to them, they can reveal hidden knowledge relating to clients, the scene, and stripping tips. For example, a stripper who has been around the same club for a while knows which clients are big winners and which ones don’t tip well, or else can pass on little tips and tricks that make your life easier. 

Move as a team 

Working together with strippers can increase your motivation to perform better. Seeing yourself as part of a team can help improve your mood, strengthen your ties to other strippers, and lead to higher earnings for everyone. Even if you’re not the perfect team and don’t move with perfect coordination, not feeling alone while you strip can help you stay in the game longer. 

Do favors and have favors done in return 

Need someone to cover you? Worried about putting in a good word with management? Making business acquaintanceships can lead to your life getting just a little easier as other strippers help you along the way. Just be sure the relationship isn’t too one-sided, and that you’re providing help when you can. 


But before you rush out and start making friends with all the strippers you work with, here’s a few tips: 

  • Avoid strippers with poor performance. Don’t learn their bad habits, and don’t bring yourself down to their level. 
  • Don’t seem desperate. No one wants to mentor someone who’s completely helpless. Make sure you can stand on your own two feet before reaching out. 
  • You come first. Don’t sacrifice your earnings or wellbeing for another stripper unless they’ve done it for you in the past. 

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