No Pain No Gain - How Strippers Deal With Body Hair

Jul 30, 2018

Face and body hair has to be one of the most annoying things to deal with.

No matter how many times you get rid of it, it just keeps coming back! If you’re into your body hair, that’s ok too, but maybe this profession isn't for you =0.
If you’re a fan of feeling silky smooth, then i'm sure you’re curious about laser hair removal – the hair removal technique that will actually get rid of your hair for good! Or so they say.

Although it’s more expensive than razors and waxing, you’ll save yourself money in the long-run if you invest in laser hair removal.

Two Girls are Doing Legs Waxing

Not only will you save thousands in bikini and leg waxes over the years, but you’ll save time, and perhaps even more importantly, all the pain!

Well, that's what I’m about to experience for you. In this blog I am going to share with you my personal experience with laser hair removal so you can get my first hand experience and see if this is right for you or not before you invest your money and tan or lack of it.

So how does it work? Laser hair removal works by targeting a pigment called melanin that lives deep within the hair follicle. This damages or destroys the follicle, which eliminates the hair growth.

Getting laser had been playing on my mind for years as something I have been desperate to try. However one of the challenges you face when going to have this new age technique is that you are forbidden to have the laser anywhere in which you have a tan and that means natural sunlight and sunbed ladies. This is due to the risk of causing pigmentation or white patches on the skin.

So, from the tanorexic stripper that lived in one of the hottest locations in the world where you would walk outside and your sunglasses would steam up from the 50 degree heat. I was left challenged and this desire was left on the back burner.

Until a couple of  years ago when I moved back to the UK. A place where I didnt get to see the sun till I was 12 hahaha. Ok slight exaggeration but for those of you experienced with our beautifully grey English weather you will understand what I mean.

So back to getting the laser…

My friend Kerry otherwise known as ‘Twinny’ is one of the most incredible beauty therapists I know based in the UK. She has been my waxing ‘go to’ and multiple other treatments for years. So when I got back to the UK and the tan began to fade she was clearly my obvious choice to call and ask about getting laser hair removal. At that time she was running a beauty clinic in The Park. An upmarket location in Nottingham. She of course gave me a special mates rates discount I couldn't refuse.

The areas I was having lasers included my bikini line. Well, that's me being modest this was full brazilian. “Take it all off and leave me with the smallest runway a plane can see”. LOL.

Let's be frank, I had to leave something as you never know... I might meet a man later in life that needed a little hair on my vageegee ;)

The other areas were under arms and legs.

I booked for 6 sessions to start which due to the thickness and darkness of my hair I was informed this should be sufficient to remove the hair forever. Ok so tip to know, laser is bought in packages of usually 3-6 the darker and thicker your hair the better the laser works. Most places recommend anything between 5-10 treatments dependent on the hair type and area.

Once treatment is complete, some of the hair will never grow back, but some hair may still need further treatment every year or so. Any hair that regrows will likely be finer and grow more slowly than the original hair.

You must shave 24 hours before your treatment and the have your treatments approximately every months as this allows the hair follicles to grow back in between session.

So back to the nitty gritty... The treatments began and I think my exact words were…

“OMG how can anyone make an excuse to have body hair when they can have laser. This is amazing it doesn't hurt one bit”.

Oh how wrong I was! So what happens is... As you progress through your treatments so does the volume of the laser. The higher the volume the more painful the treatment.

Here is a video of me during the 5th treatment….As you will see it's a little more painful than the first time LOL.

BUT WHAT WAS EVEN MORE PAINFUL.. was that during the period of time whilst you will be having your laser treatments you can only shave and not wax. This is because when you shave you only chop off the hair rather rip if out at the root as you do when you wax. And the laser machines needs to burn away the hair root.

So 6 weeks of shaving rashes for me =(

Ok so as you are having the laser the shaving rashes aren't actually bad in fact they are virtually non existent.

So how is my body hair situation to date???

Ummm… Well, it’s been over a year since my last session and for the first 5 months nothing grew back. It was amazing!

Then after the 6th month, patchy fine hair began to come through.

And writing this blog a year later I can officially say all my hair has grown back and I am back to square one. Not quite what I expected.

However I was informed that due to the fact that I had been waxing for the last 10 years as most strippers do. I had many different growth cycles of hair which may have been the issue.

So I'm not giving up.. I plan to face the laser once again and tackle this pesky body hair once and for all.


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