Stripping Abroad

Aug 25, 2016

Have you ever taken your Exotic Dancing career overseas?
Maybe you are about to or even, just considering it?
Before you do, I wanted to share this with you.…..

For those of you that don’t really know me yet, travel is one of my favourite passions in life.

In 2013 alone, I visited 19 countries, 155 airports and 35 cities.

Based on this, many may view me as a ‘travel junkie’, as if I had some sort of compulsive addiction that’s in need of therapy but should realize that my love of travel is quite healthy and driven by a passionate quest to enrich my life from valuable insights, knowledge and wisdom.

Today, I wish to share with you some useful guidelines and important considerations to ensure that you remain safe and secure at all times in your professional lifestyle.

So, watch this video and allow me to share with you, my 5 TOP TIPS for Stripping Abroad.

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