What do I do with my Fanny Flashing Cash?

Aug 27, 2018

So one of the things I love about making money is all the things you can do with that money.

When you first started dancing what was your big dream?

Was it to take the kids on holiday?

Buy designer bags?

A flash car?

Well one of my dreams was being able to spoil my family and give them the luxuries in life I believe they deserve.

So for those of you that dont know, my family mean everything to me, I absolutely adore them and cant get enough of them =)

When I was first starting dancing and was homeless it was my Sister that fed me and let me sleep on her sofa, even though she was already taking care of her 2 kids and I will never forget that.

They always believed in me and I will always believe in them.

(So Coel, never put me in a home when I get old and remember this moment HAHA!)

Ok so you maybe thinking what the hell is this blog all about Lexi, we get it you love your fam!

But what I wanted to express to you on this blog is not just how much I love my family but how amazing it can feel when you become a professional in this game and you are able to buy things that make you smile or in this case make others…

I wanted to share this video with you not to impress you but to show you what is possible when you believe in yourself and you master your finance as a Stripper.

What would you like to do with your Fanny Flashing Cash?

Please comment below and let's make it happen together ;)


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