3 Ways Stripping Can Increase Your Confidence

Oct 09, 2018

It takes a lot to be a stripper. A beautiful body, on-point outfits, and flawless makeup are just the beginning. It also takes a measure of fearlessness and confidence. While you might not be naturally confident, stripping can definitely help. So can “faking it until you make it.”

But once you develop that inner confidence, it begins to carry over into the rest of your life. In fact, by growing your sense of confidence through stripping, you can start to see more positive effects elsewhere.

What are we talking about? Well, stripping can make you more…

1) Assertive

Have you noticed that women sometimes have problems asking for what they want? Well, that goes out of the window when you’re a stripper. In order to make money, you have to be assertive with customers.

That same assertiveness can help you out in other parts of your life by allowing you to take control of what you really want.

2) Body-confident

It happens to everyone — even strippers! Sometimes you compare yourself to a Victoria’s secret model and end up not feeling confident in your looks anymore.

Well, having men (and women!) constantly fawning over how attractive you are is an instant confidence boost. Stripping can help you harness the confidence you get from others admiring your looks, banishing the nasty feeling of not looking good enough.

3) Business-savvy

Stripping is a good introduction into the basics of business. While you might not be talking microeconomics, strippers and exotic dancers learn all about how demand, trends, and more affect how much money they make!

You can translate all of these skills into another profession, like sales, to make even more money.


So, while stripping might be “just a job,” the positive effects can be found throughout your life, making you more assertive, sexy, and business-savvy! It can change your life for the better, even if you don’t stay a dancer forever.


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