Stripper Tips : The VAK Method

Apr 28, 2017

When you're talking with a customer, smart and successful Strippers are finding a way to connect and build rapport (friendship) as this is what will get you a dance and further more, a regular customer that keeps coming back to spend money on you. 
As I mention throughout my course, The Professional Stripper System, people like people that are like us as it allows us to relate and feel comfortable in that environment.  
So how does VAK relate to this? 
VAK is a method that can allow you to communicate more effectively with just about anyone you encounter including customers in the club by adapting to their communication style.  
The research was studied in at University Pennsylvania in 2009 and proves that this method of psychology or NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming) can be very effective in learning, and recent years have now suggested that not only can this be used within the education field but also sales.  
What I found when using this method is how effective it can be when selling a dance to a customer.  
So get ready to learn how to become rich chameleon girls.  
The principal is simple we use 3 styles of communication. 
V- Visual (see) 
A- Auditory (listen) 
K- Kinaesthetic (touch) 
As humans we use all 3 however, we predominantly favour 1 or maybe 2 out of the 3.  
So in order for us to communicate effectively with customers in the club we need to know what their predominant communication style is. Are they visual, auditory or kinaesthetic?  
So how do we do this?  
We look out for small subtleties.  
What words does he use in a sentence?  
Is he using visual words such as “You LOOKED amazing on the pole” 
Perhaps he is using Auditory words in his sentence - “That SOUNDS good” 
Or my personal favourite “Can I TOUCH” - as this is the one that made me used to think ‘Perv” but really is was just an indication that he was kinaesthetic and that's his communication style, he cant help it. 
What else can we look out for? 
Visual people like eye contact. If he keeps strong eye contact with you when talking, most likely his predominant communication style is visual. 
If he tilts his head when talking, or leans in with his ear then perhaps he is more auditory.  
If he puts his hand on your knee or touches you in someway then, yes you guessed it he is kinaesthetic.  
So once you have an idea of what his VAK style is, how do you then use this to your advantage?  
Simple, we copy! 
For example; If you now know that he is visual you will keep strong eye contact with him when selling your dance and during your dance.  
I'm sure at some point you may have heard someone say “hmmm can't trust that person they cant look me in the eye” the person that said that was Visual. Lol.  
However perhaps the person they are talking about was kinaesthetic, as a kinaesthetic person would feel very uncomfortable getting looked into eye contact.  
However some kind of physical contact such as; touching their hand in a flirty way or straightening their tie, hugs etc, would work a treat.  
And auditory men are a sucker for leaning in close to his ear and softly and seductively whispering “ I would love to dance for you”

If you wish to get a deeper understanding please watch the accompanying video where I explain further in depth.  


So, in summary; 

  • Work out what communication style your customer is 
  • Use it to your advantage and adopt the same style  
  • Rake in the BIG BUCKS  
  • Thank me later.
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