Top 3 USA Cities for Strippers

Sep 26, 2018

With Lexi Ladies Academy, you can up your stripping earning potential no matter where you strip! After all, if you transplant a top earner from one club to another, chances are she knows what it takes to keep making money.

But if you’re not interested in making more money the smart way, here are three American cities known for strip clubs where the dollar bills rain.

1) Los Angeles, California

There’s a reason Los Angeles’ name means “the angels.” Known for having the highest concentration of beautiful people per capita, LA’s strip clubs are frequented by movers, shakers, and plenty of free-flowing cash. Join likeminded strippers at the infamous 4Play to make some serious money. Just know that the competition is stiff and that you have to be talented.

2) Miami, Florida

Best known for beautiful tropical weather, great eats, and a banging skyline, Miami has no shortage of brilliant clubs. Shake your moneymaker in a thriving, lively club scene.

And because Miami is home to thousands of white collar professional lone wolves — with plenty of cash to throw around — you could score the tips of your dreams. Try scoping out E11leven while you’re there to get a feel for this tropical paradise’s scene.

3) Portland, Oregon

Portland? You might be thinking. What?

Well, it turns out that this Northwestern city offers more than just hipster beards, plaid shirts, and craft beer. There’s actually a thriving strip scene there, accented with fine food and gourmet offerings you won’t find anywhere else.

In fact, Portland offers up unique stripping experiences. Some of their clubs include heavily tattooed suicide girls, if that’s your thing. And since Portland houses a ton of rich software developers, you can leave your G-string stuffed! While you’re there, check out Devil’s Point and Lucky Devil Lodge. Not sure why they’re fascinated with a certain fallen angel, but they’re both great places to dance.


Where’s Vegas? Everyone and their twin sister heads straight for Vegas, so while there are plenty of strippers and strip clubs out there, you might benefit from finding a different niche!

And even if you head to one of these Stripper Meccas, you should know that strippers like you can earn even more money anywhere. Ready to learn how? Click here.

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