What Not to Eat Before Stripping

Oct 03, 2018

When you strip, you have to be aware of a lot of things. From your scent to your costume to your body, every part of your kit has to be perfect to ensure a night goes flawlessly.

But newer or amateur strippers might not know this yet: what you eat has an immediate effect on your body, can change the way a show goes, and might just throw your rhythm off for the night.

While everyone’s body is different and many people have food allergies, here are some of the most common offenders — that might mess you up before you strip.

1) Soda / Pop


No matter what you call it, this fizzy bubbly drink has a huge effect on how you feel and what your body looks like. While it’s hard to resist the call of Coke or Pepsi, the carbonation can have detrimental effects on your body.

Bloating, cramping, or even nausea can happen when you combine soda with stripping. And when you’re giving someone a lap-dance, the last thing you want to be is gassy.

If you’re really low on energy, try tossing back a 5 Hour Energy instead. The natural vitamin B complex will give you a surge of energy without the bloating.

2) Pasta


Pasta is a huge guilty pleasure, but when you eat it before stripping, it can do nasty things to your insides. And not in a good way.

Pasta, especially when it isn’t whole grain, causes bloating. It’s hard to feel sexy and confident when you’re out on stage feeling like a whale. To dodge that feeling, try eating something leaner and smaller instead, like tuna, salmon, or chicken. Lean meats can give you the full feeling you’re craving — while dodging the bloat.

3) Sweets


Dark chocolate is good for you. It fights off free radicals, lowers stress, and might even make you look younger. But you should know that sweets aren’t always sweet.

The sweeteners and sugar in many candies or cakes are a huge cause of inflammation and bloating. Since bloat is a stripper’s nightmare — as it can cause costumes to fit worse, you to feel sluggish, and your confidence to drop — you’ll want to stay away from the sweeteners if you can.

If you absolutely have to snack on something, reach for blueberries or strawberries. While they have natural sugars, the bloat shouldn’t be nearly as bad.


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