Where 20% Of My Earnings Came From

May 18, 2017

Are you one of them dancers that avoid couples in the club like the plague? 
The couple will sit there in anticipation hoping one of the dancers that walk past will stop and pay them attention.  
But no, you walk straight past and go to sit with your other dancer friends at the bar, maybe offering a slight smile if they are lucky.  
As a woman that has been in both of these positions; 
A customer, sitting with my fiancé in the club, wondering why none of the girls would approach me.  
And as a dancer, but not the kind of dancer that would avoid a couple but one that made at least 20% of my income from them.  
I ask why? 
It makes no sense to me. Vagina or not they are still a potential customer, and vehicle to making you some cash.  
So can I ask you something else? 
Is it the fear of rejection from these women that make you hesitant? 
Or perhaps you just presume they will say no? 
Or maybe you just don't know how to approach these women in the right way to ensure you don't get rejected with a slap in the face NO.  
Ok, so if it is any of these reasons I'm going to help you resolve them right now.  
With this video taken straight from my course The Professional Stripper System.  
And you will never fear or doubt approaching couple in the club again. In fact you will be fighting the other girls off to get to them first. 

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